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The ones who care beyond compare.

Spanning multiple cultures, generations, educational backgrounds and areas of medical expertise, our multilingual team delivers care that’s as human as care gets.

Gail Tumolo PT

Director of Therapy

Gail joined the Deptford Center family in 2013 and made an immediate impact. The physical therapy unit at Deptford has always produced outstanding results, and under Gail’s leadership it has thrived. Gail is now managing the renovation of the entire physical therapy suite to make it more open, allow us to accommodate more equipment and extend the use of the therapy gym to more residents, more frequently. “Having a brand new facility is going to be great, and we’re all looking forward to more equipment, but the real force behind our success are the people here. We have the most dedicated people who know their jobs inside and out. They don’t expect machines to do the rehab – they do it, working hands on with every patient. And that’s why our outcomes are so good.” Thanks to Gail’s leadership, Deptford Center boasts an outstanding record of helping its residents return to full independence.

Knowledge is health.

For the absolute highest quality of care, Deptford Center staffs medical providers on each unit who stay in constant communication with leadership throughout the day. Team collaboration is our forte, and this commitment helps us maintain an unbeatable continuum of care.

Our team also works hard to keep therapies as consistent as possible, tracking all communications through an advanced electronic medical record system. This ensures immediate transmission of information across the entire care network.


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Per updated and revised Department of Health guidance, we are happy to inform all our families, friends, and loved ones that the facility is able to accommodate visitors. Please be advised that COVID-19 precautions remain in place, and visits will need to be scheduled due to infection control and space constraints.

Please bear with us as we endeavor to keep you and your loved one safe and healthy.

A comprehensive visitation plan is located at the facility.

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