Mother’s Day (along with Valentine’s Day) is one of the most popular holidays to give and receive flowers in the entire year.

Chances are that mom is going to love any arrangement that you thoughtfully give her, but earn some extra brownie points by going the extra mile this year to really spruce up that bouquet before you hand it over.

Deptford Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing presents five ways to level-up your flower game and really impress Mom this Mother’s Day.

  1. Choose a Variety That Will Last

As a rule, carnations, lilies, orchids, and roses will have good durability—up to two weeks. Tulips, poppies, and irises won’t last quite as long. In addition, look for thick-stemmed flowers, and if the flowers are fully open, don’t buy any with browning on the petals.

  1. Trim Them at an Angle

If you’re presenting the flowers in a vase, go ahead and cut the stems at a 45-degree angle before putting them in water. Doing so maximizes the moisture intake in the stems.

  1. Break up the Bouquet

If you buy a large bouquet, consider breaking it up into two or three arrangements to place around the house instead of in one spot.

  1. Add Some Fruit for Visual Delight and Aroma

If you’re using a clear vase, slice up some citrus—natural colors like lemons, oranges, and limes add to the presentation and will make your arrangement smell even better.

  1. Get Creative

Instead of a traditional vase, use something that has a different purpose, such as a teapot, wine bottle, watering can, or water pitcher.


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